Christy Carlson Romano Official Sites on Social Media

O.K. This post was originally supposed to be for a poll but I accidentally posted it before I finished. Rather than have a "please ignore and don't upvote" edit here is some alternative content to replace the mistake.

I went to Twitter (X, whatever) and searched for both and in the official Christy Carlson Romano X (Twitter, whatever) account.


Nothing for in her entire account history. She owned the domain but was never promoting it.

For there are three tweets (or whatever they are called now). June 6, 2018, May 7, 2018, and March 12, 2018 respectively on the screen as I scrioll down.


There's the which goes to The same link for the second tweet. Last just a link to


That's it for now. Just a little alternative content to fill up space. Also maybe something as reference in case it's needed later.