September Power Up: Resetting Back to 400 HP

Earlier today I poered up 10 HIVE to my @holovision account and since then I've gotten my badge for powering up in September from @hivebuzz.

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Right now I have 912 HP minus the 103 HP delegated to @curangel. My last Hive Power down of 414 HP will occur in less than a week. It looks like at the beginning of next week I should have at least 400 HP total remaining in my @holovision account.

It's tempting to start another power down next week and drain a little more Hive Power to convert to Proof of Brain tokens but I don't think I will. After the final power down I should be able to buy enough POB to get to 9000 POB staked. As long as I get 10 POB through curation and content postings every day I should be able to get to 10000 staked POB by the end of 2021. If I continue to stake at least 10 POB every day I should be able to stake 20000 POB by the 2025 halving event of Proof of Brain.