Selling Off Some POB

I've sold a little bit of my Proof of Brain tokens before. Small amounts when there was a token at a low price that I wanted more of. Just enough to roughly match what I would get back in a day or two from Proof of Brain curation rewards.

Selling off 2168 POB? It isn't killing me but it isn't something I was planning on doing. I didn't have to just take a metaphorical deep breath. I had to bite down on a stick as the arm was amputated. I'll most likely lose the other arm next week after another power down transaction of my POB.

It's all going toward getting the OUTPOST front end for @memehive. The sooner @memehive can get it the better. Currently the @memehive tribe has 1529 BEE of the 2500 BEE needed to get OUTPOST.

Meme Template Source

I sold around half of today's POB power down transaction to BUY orders on I put 1250 POB in a SELL order for 0.8 HIVE each. If I can sell all that POB for that price it would be 1000 HIVE. If I can get BEE for under the 2 HIVE range that would be 500 BEE. Then I just need to scrounge up another 471 BEE.

I know this is just a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. I have a goal of how many POB I want to have by the time the halving occurs in 2025. I'll make more content and get back on track.

Anyway, if you want to participate in the @memehive tribe you can buy MEME tokens to stake and curate through or If you can't afford to get the @memehive tribe MEME token just create good posts with at least one meme and use one of the tribe's tags #meme, #memes, #memehive, or #hive-104024 and you might get a few upvotes from MEME token stakers.

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