Selling 3D Prints Using HIVELIST

In the introduction post for the ThreeD (3D) Printing Community I stated maybe someday in this community a system could be set up for members who want a 3D print to pay members with 3D printers cryptocurrency for the job.

It looks like something similar to that possibility is emerging. A recent post on the HIVELIST Classifieds Community has announced HiveCommerce websites. This seems promising for anybody interested in trying to market 3D prints on the Hive platform.


Image Source: HIVELIST Community

It's not getting commissioned for a 3D printing job (yet). Or maybe it will be since posting ads directly to the Hivelist community from a HiveCommerce website will be allowed. I imagine though it can easily be used as a print-on-demand service for preexisting designs.

Quoting from the post by @hivelist

This is a new service and we are working on our offerings. The base package will be a subdomain site (example: Your store will have the same look and feel as, but will have your information logged into the backend to connect with your Hive account and Hive payments plugin.

If I am understanding this then as an example if I have the basic subdomain I could offer to sell something like a plastic beehive with the Hive brand logo on it made from PLA.

Because it's a 3D print being offered for sale it doesn't necessarily have to be made until after an order is placed. It would probably be a good idea though to have a few of each offered product already printed just in case so orders can be guaranteed in a timely manner.

The post states that a HiveCommerce website can accept "Hive, HBD, and very soon Hive-Engine tokens". I assume that the plural tokens means not just LIST token but any Hive-Engine token desired can be accepted by a HiveCommerce website.