When the Clowns at Customer Service are Literally Clowns

In my previous post I stated that the SCP Foundation has no central canon; which is true. There are multiple "canons" for the SCP Foundation. As tvtropes.org states about SCP Foundation canon:

On the SCP Foundation wiki, a canon is a collection of stories sharing a continuity that multiple authors have worked on. Official canons must have at least 10 articles, be written by at least five authors, be open for anybody to contribute to, and can never be considered to be finished. Different canons are not necessarily different universes, as they can overlap with each other as a Shared Universe or use Broad Strokes of another canon.

The video below narrates a story written by DrChandra from the "Dread & Circuses" SCP canon. In the story the character's voice yelling at Gary Gorham over the phone threatening to kill all the clowns is the eponymous Herman Fuller of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting and "that IKEA" being referenced in the story is SCP-3008.

Doubtful the magic eight ball mentioned at the end of the story is SCP-2654. Whatever its item designation will be it sounds like a task force from the SCP Foundation has successfully secured it.

I could probably write a post about my thoughts on whether or not the SCP Foundation could work as a TV or streaming series. Regardless of whether that would ever work or not in practice this story could stand alone in an anthology series as a bottle episode. A live action video of this story would rely mostly on voice actors. The only two on-screen characters would be Gary Gorham and Icky. The setting described in the story is simple and only requires one stage set. For wardrobe all you would need is standard clown costumes and makeup. For the way Gary is described at the beginning some prosthetic props could make Gary Gorham look like a cyborg created by 1950s Ma Bell.

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