SCP Foundation Speculation: Who is "Eric"?

"Eric" is an SCP Foundation PoI (Person of Interest). The name Eric is connected to several anomalous SCPs; notably the eponymous "Eric's Toy" (SCP-066). Other anomalous object connected to "Eric" are SCP-168 (a sentient calculator) and SCP-683-3 (a "lunch style" brown paper bag with "Eric" printed in black ink on the exterior of the bag).

It is presumed that "Eric" is a child or childlike humanoid. A video on the SCP Explained - Story & Animation YouTube channel about SCP-683 gives two main possibilities of who Eric is:

  1. Eric is a reality bender.
  2. Eric is an unknown SCP that the SCP Foundation hasn't uncovered yet.

Here is my speculation and headcanon:

The SCPs connected with "Eric" are items that a child or someone who is childlike would interact with. The majority of these objects have some signs of sentient ability. Where would objects that are sentient fit in with an anomalous childlike environment?

Early last year on this blog I posted about how the Pee-wee's Playhouse series ended badly. Imagine the Pee-wee's Playhouse series as an anomalous television series akin to SCP-2030. The SCP-2030 program is known to the SCP Foundation to have at least 38 seasons of Laugh is Fun or other variations of that series' name.

Is it possible for a TV show that exists as an anomaly to be "cancelled" after many seasons? What does it mean and what happens if something like SCP-2030 ends its run of episodes?

When TV series that conform to consensus reality end often times the props are warehoused and the cast break up and move on to other things. Maybe if "Eric" is a character in an anomalous children's television series the world of the SCP Foundation is the "warehouse" for anomalous props.

Maybe "Eric" is a character in a series unknown to the SCP Foundation and the actor who portrayed "Eric" got another acting gig. If that is so then "Eric" may elude the SCP Foundation until the defunct show gets a revival.

This is all just my speculation though. If you have any other speculation about Eric please feel free to post it in a reply below.