SCP Foundation Halloween Posts: Forensic Ghost Of Tupac Shakur (SCP-2137)

Apparently snitches don't get stitches in the afterlife. The late Tupac Shakur has been giving the 411 on how to resolve unsolved crimes and naming names of evildoers for almost three decades after his death through EVP hip-hop.

SCP-2137 is a single CD copy of Tupac Shakur's album "Me Against The World", This one copy is virtually indentical to every other copy of the compact disc album except for track 7 on this one anomalous CD.

As stated by the SCP-2137 entry:

However, upon playing track 7, normally "Heavy In The Game," the listener will encounter an instance of SCP-2137-1. The anomaly takes the form of spontaneously-generated, professionally-produced songs featuring Tupac Shakur in various styles within the hip hop genre. Though each instance of SCP-2137-1 generated is unique, they share certain commonalities in terms of subject matter. The central focus of the song invariably addresses a crime, almost always a murder or series of murders, and then gives necessary anecdotal evidence or information to correctly identify and prosecute the killer, even going so far as to specify prosecutors or recommend vigilante justice.

I am starting to believe that my hologram-themed capers in Gotham aren't foiled because Batman is such a great detective.

Here is a YouTube video from TheVolgun. It's worth listening to because there are dramatized hip-hop instances of SCP-2137-1. Whoever did the voice acting and production was obviously talented.

Maybe earlier it wasn't fair when I referred to this as "EVP hip-hop". I first learned about electronic voice phenomena through listening to the late Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio program. Not to be confused with "backwards speech" and David Oates whom Art Bell banned from his radio program as a guest and Art Bell later ended up suing. The EVP recordings I've heard are in my opinion basically the audio version of seeing a cloud shaped like a rabbit.

SCP-2137-1 instances are clear and sharp. What makes this SCP interesting is the SCP-2137-2 voice of the late Tupac Shakur with the occasional voice of another musical artist on SCP-2137-1. I can believe that Elvis Presley would want to join in because Presley collected police badges. I would really like to hear that instance of SCP-2137-1 the entry mentions featuring the Andrews Sisters helping to solve an old crime. I'd bet it has something to do with a really old Nazi still hiding out.

I also like the detail about SCP-2137-1 and SCP-2137-2 appearing in other media formats outside of SCP Foundation containment if the information from an SCP-2137-1 isn't acted upon. Otherwise the SCP Foundation would just stop playing the CD like they have stopped playing the recording of the SCP-1733 basketball game. The SCP Foundation would rather not risk being revealed by accident but the ability of SCP-2137-1 and SCP-2137-2 to breach containment so easily forces the hand of the SCP Foundation and makes the scenario more interesting.