SCP Foundation Halloween Posts: Ball of Green Slime (SCP-447)

This is a simple enough SCP object. As described in its entry:

SCP-447-1 is a green sphere approximately 5 cm in diameter, with a spongy surface texture and a weight of 1.37 kg. The object is warm to the touch, approximately the same temperature as a human body, although its core temperature is slightly higher. Personnel handling SCP-447-1 have reported no adverse effects, so long as SCP-447-1 does not come into contact with a dead body.

What happens if SCP-447-1 or SCP-447-2 comes into contact with a corpse? Apparently it is so terrible that the information is redacted from the SCP-447 entry but is known to SCP Foundation personnel through additional documentation. There are theories such as that the slime is actually harmless and SCP-447 is a way to test researchers at the SCP Foundation for their ability to abide with protocol. I don't believe that's the case though.

SCP-447-2 is kind of like Nickelodeon green slime that is a renewable resource excreted by SCP-447-1 at a rate of 10 cc per hour. Based on Experiment Log 447 A it seems like the SCP Foundation could find as many uses for the viscous greenish slime as George Washington Carver had for peanuts. The only drawbacks being the possible minty smell, green coloring, and NO DEAD BODIES.