Huge World Destroyer has a Tiny Problem

So far the joke SCP posts haven't referred much to actual SCPs. Since SCP-2317-J by stormbreath is a parody of SCP-2317 for this post I am going to assume the reader doesn't know what SCP-2317 is. Here is an interoduction video to SCP-2317 from the SCP Explained - Story & Animation YouTube channel.

Here is a video narration of SCP-2317-J:

The joke is obviously pointing out that its absurd such a huge entity once free can get through a relatively small door to destroy Earth. Since the SCP Foundation deals with the anomalies that exist one would assume the entity can get through the door via an anomalous method.

Maybe the parody actually proves a point. It's possible SCP-2317 can't ever get through the door. The O5 Council assumes SCP-2317 can once the seventh chain is broken but how those chains restraining the entity were made is just one of many things about SCP-2317 which the O5 Council has little to no data about. With the O5 Council restricting the accurate data it does have very few can ponder the problem and ask questions. It seems nobody is trying to verify or refute how valid the assumptions are. This is why I believe it would be foolish to keep people blind to such an existential threat.

I love the single footnote in SCP-2317-J's entry:

  1. The O5 Council has decided that Apollyon is dumb, because it goes against the very ideology of the Foundation, is only used to make SCPs seem scarier and is generally appalling. - O5-13

Keter means "crown" so originally Keter was meant to be the top of SCP Foundation containment object classes

SCP-2317-J also reminds me of "Three Stooges Syndrome" from The Simpsons.

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