SCP-1472: The Most Exotic Girls of the Multiverse (or Equivalent)

SCP-1472 is the kind of strip club you might expect to see in an episode of Rick and Morty. I wouldn't be surprised to also come across this in the metaverse in a few years. SCP-1472 has been an anomaly since around the year 2001 according to the SCP Foundation wiki entry. Prior to 2001 it was an ordinary single-story brick building built in 1978.

Unlike SCP-453 it seems the SCP Foundation won't allow civilians to enter during the periods of anomalous activity. Perhaps because SCP-453 compels people to visit but the only thing likely to attract civilians while SCP-1472 is active would be the large neon sign display on the west side of the building. From what I can determine the chain-link fence noted in the SCP Foundation wiki entry along with Mobile Task Force Iota-6 restricts patronage to the anomalous strip club to D-class test subjects. The D-class use notebooks and pens for documentation because SCP-1472-1 (referred to in the video as "Big Mike") won't allow photography or videotaping to occur inside SCP-1472.

According to the SCP Foundation entry for SCP-1472 what occurs during the shows will vary but the active time of Saturday between 2:00-3:30 a.m. and the entrance/exit of the building being locked during shows are constants.

During shows there can be instances of anomalous entities such as SCP-1093 as an example from the video which are versions of SCPs already held in Foundation containment. The anomalous characteristics of the "dancers" may be less or more severe than the SCP Foundation analogues which is the main indication of the strip club's multiverse nature.

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