SCP-1226-HV: Feast of Steven Film

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SCP Hive/Are We Cool Yet? Double Agent - @holovision

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SCP-1226-HV is to be secured in a video storage unit at the multimedia archive of Site ██. SCP-1226-HV must not be exposed to any strong magnetic sources.

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SCP-1226-HV is an anomalous 8 mm black and white film kinescope recording of a Doctor Who episode from 1965. The episode is titled "The Feast of Steven" and the film is presumed to have been recorded during the original BBC broadcast on December 25th, 1965. The SCP Foundation proper gave the film to SCP Foundation Hive due to ██████████.


This film was one of three discovered in the basement of a Mormon church. "The Feast of Steven" film was in a canister much different in appearance than the other two films. The ███████████████████████████████████████████████. Once "The Feast of Steven" film's true nature was discovered amnestics were given to all the parties involved in the discovery and a new memory of only two films being discovered was hypnotically induced.

Of the 97 "lost" classic Doctor Who episodes considered by the public to be "lost media" this recording is the only anomalous example known to exist. Due to the nature of the film as described below the film is unsuitable for public disclosure.

Anomaly and Experimentation

All attempts to make copies of the film have failed. The result is blurring and audio hiss. The anomaly of the film is only apparent when the film is played from the beginning. Any attempt to skip forward to the point at which the anomaly begins results in the scenes playing out as they did in the original broadcast.

The anomaly begins after the TARDIS arrives in then-modern day England. The Doctor goes outside and is promptly arrested (in virtually all cases). The anomaly ends with the Doctor, Steven, and Sara running into the TARDIS and it dematerializes from the front of a police station (in virtually all cases). The anomaly is always shown in black and white but the scenes often do not conform to the original story as it was originally broadcasted.

Testing Log:

Testing February 17, 2███

Doctor leaves the TARDIS. Doctor is arrested by the police as in original story but the officers only speak Pig Latin.

Testing February 18, 2███

Scenes are in reverse order.

Testing February 21, 2███

The citizen at the police station making a complaint about a vanishing greenhouse is replaced with a woman complaing about her husband.

Testing February 22, 2███


Testing February 23, 2███

Scenes are in anime style and overdramatized.

Testing February 24, 2███

Police agree to release the Doctor, Sara, and Steven from custody as long as they join the officers in a game of Daisy in the Dell.

Testing February 25, 2███

Sara and the Doctor role reversal. Steven remains in the same character role.