Scholarship Application to be a POB Artist


This is my scholarship application post for @pobscholarship. I am a digital/3D artist. I have been active on this blockchain since May 2018 and I migrated over to Hive after it forked from Steemit. I currently have a reputation score of 71.33 and I am already whitelisted on (see recent works section below) but I would rather start minting my art as NFTs on

This is a thumbnail example of the kind of art I am planning to mint if I get a POB scholarship:

Image Source: My artwork
(incorporating adapted aspects of VYB logo - @vyb.vyb / Creative Commons, Blank Coin 40mm - ManMommy / Creative Commons, and Hive Brand Asset /

I have titled this piece of art "Staking VYB in the Metaverse".

Recent Works

NFT Art I have minted on

"Hive Block Chain"

"Hive Lights Up the Night"

"Dizzy Hive"

Art that I haven't minted but I have shared with the Proof of Brain community:

3D Printed Hive Logo:

Physical Proof of Brain Token (3D Printed):

Physical Hive Token (3D Printed):

3D Printing "HIVE" in Braille on a Cube

3D Printed Hive Logo Cube (Based on NFT):

"Show Your VYB" 3D Print:

Future Plans for Art

If chosen for a POB artist scholarship I plan to focus my art among three categories:

  • Digital/3D images
  • 3D animations
  • Stereoscopic 3D effect images

The recent works of art I have minted on I issued under a Limited Production Rights license and I will do the same for NFTs i will mint on

How Minting my NFT Art on will Help the Community

As can be seen in the pattern of recent art my projects feature the Hive platform and/or the communities on the Hive platform. I have posted fungible 3D art I have made on under a Creative Commons license so I can share my art with others to print for free. For an example of that see @l337m45732's post here. For the non-fungible (a.k.a. NFT) art I create; I mint and issue those under a Limited Production Rights license.

I don't want my art to just sit idle on the blockchain. I issue my NFTs as Limited Production Rights so others can use my work. As long as a user is willing to buy and HODL my NFT and attribute me as the artist I don't mind licensing my work to the user so they can have full commercial rights to put my art on a T-shirt or coffee mug or whatever.

Since my art features Hive and/or the communities on Hive any licensed commercial reproduction of my art also helps promote the Hive platform and its communities.


Thank you for your time reviewing my scholarship application to be a POB artist. I hope I have demonstrated that the potential value of what I can contribute as a POB artist justifies a scholarship to cover my whitelist fee.