SBF Cookie Monster

The memory of the Jimmy Kimmel skit in which Sesame Street explains the Madoff scandal popped into my mind today. I searched online to see if after the FTX collapse someone did an updated version of the sketch. It doesn't seem like anyone has. Maybe someone did a voice-over and it was taken down through a DMCA claim. Who knows?

I guess a fan made video with Ernie and Cookie Monster toys in front of a different background would work just as well.

Ernie: Okay kids, let's say I have cryptocurrency to trade and store on a centralized exchange.

Ernie: Hi there. And let's say Cookie Monster is Sam Bankman-Fried

Cookie Monster: Me want to secretly invest your cryptocurrency. Me love, love your cryptocurrency.

Ernie: Now these cookies are my bitcoin and ethereum. It's all the cryptocurrency I have in the world and I give the custody of the crypto to FTX.

Cookie Monster: Me secretly transfer all of it to my girlfriend at Alameda Research.

Ernie: Thank you so much FTX. Okay here it is. Wow, let's see now one bitcoin and ....

(Cookie Monster eating sounds.)

Ernie: Sam Bankman-Fried! All of my cryptocurrency is gone!

Cookie Monster: Me so sorry Ernie. Crypto winter. Maybe you put off retirement. Bye-bye!

Ernie: What do I do now? I don't have a satoshi to my name.

Cookie Monster: Wrong! Me find one satoshi right here.

Ernie: That's mine!

Cookie Monster: Me know.

(More Cookie Monster eating sounds.)

(Ernie pulls out a gun.)

Cookie Monster: Nnnnoooo....

(Gunshot sound.)