Sabrina the Teenage Witch is NOT an SCP. But if She Were ...

Note: I was inspired to make this post by the "X is NOT an SCP, but if it were..." playlist on the Site-42: SCP Foundation Fanworks YouTube channel. It was an interesting premise so this is my attempt at taking a character from popular media and examining what it would be like as an SCP.


Sabrina the Teenage Witch is not an SCP. But if she were how would the SCP Foundation respond? Since there are several iterations of Sabrina Spelman throughout media this post will focus on the live action 1996 series starring Melissa Joan Hart.

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First, the thaumiel nature of SCP-4006 is key to the containment of Sabrina Spellman once secured. Due to MtV-4006 protocol this post will not go into further detail about the probabilistic anomaly affecting the state of Massachusetts in which Sabrina Spellman believes she resides. No SCP Foundation member is permitted to reveal to Sabrina Spellman the true nature of either her hometown or the area believed by the public to be the sixth state in the union. For all we know Ms. Spellman retroactively caused it and the punishment for revealing such information to the SCP will be Keter Duty.

Sabrina Spellman came to the attention of the SCP Foundation during an unrelated investigation. The Foundation had information that a local unemployed ex-principal named Willard Kraft had been married to an ontokinetic being at one time. While investigating SCP field agents became aware of Ms. Spellman's possibly anomalous nature. Measurements of hume particles around the residence of Ms. Spellman confirmed the agents' suspicions and a separate investigation of Sabrina Spellman was authorized.

At the time Sabrina Spellman was seeking a job in journalism. After appearing on Total Request Live concern was raised that if Ms. Spellman was in visual media any accidental use of her anomalous ability might be evidence that leads to a breaking of the veil. Sabrina Spellman was offered a position at Scorch Magazine which is an SCP Foundation front. While Ms. Spellman was working at Scorch further observation could be maintained as an assigned containment specialist worked on a plan to secure and transport Ms. Spellman to the nearest Foundation containment site.

Virtually all staff at Scorch are unaware of the true ownership and the "publisher" known to the staff as "Johnathan Culver" is in reality an SCP Overseer.

It should be noted that while employed at Scorch Ms. Spellman had been temporarily contained by a Person of Interest (PoI) to the SCP Foundation. After Ms. Spellman voluntarily drained herself of hume particles a contractor of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. was able to secure and contain Ms. Spellman. Hours later during a containment breach Ms. Spellman fled after releasing other anomalous beings including a member of SCP-1000. If the PoI known as "Victor" had a proper containment site and procedures rather than a cargo cult replica of an SCP containment site such a breach would have been unlikely.

Image source: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The senior editor of Scorch, Annie Martoz, openly wondered why Ms. Spellman was at Scorch. This started to draw unneeded attention and to appease the editor she was given the ability to decide whether or not to fire Ms. Spellman based on her performance review. This move backfired and all further observation was done remotely setting back plans to secure Ms. Spellman for permanent containment.

Shortly after being married to a non-anomalous being named Harvey Kinkle the SCP Foundation was able to secure Sabrina Spellman along with a talking shorthair black feline that had attempted to attack a member of Mobile Task Force Eta-1236. Both the cat and Spellman were successfully captured and transported to the nearest SCP containment site. Harvey Kinkle was administered Class F amnestics and after being given a new identity Kinkle was relocated to another part of the country.

Sabrina Spellman's containment procedures are similar to other reality benders in SCP Foundation custody. A Scantron Reailty Anchor nullifies Sabrina Spellman's abilities while she is held in a standard humanoid containment cell.

Secure. Contain. Protect.
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