The Rise and Fall of BlondeStar

The Flintstones cartoons made it look so simple. In every episode dinosaurs were integrated as a biological component to make technology work. Those pea-sized brain lizards are extinct but their mammalian equivalent known as "blondes" still roam the Earth. In theory applying the same principle should have worked.

Thus BlondeStar tried to integrate blondes into subscription-based services.

A Flintstone Pterodactyl beak could function as a record player needle but blondes ended up not performing as groovy.

After much failure BlondeStar tried a soft rebranding to provide service to the same blondes the company had released back into the wild. This only had limited success. It was estimated only 1% of the blondes were able to use BlondeStar. The other 99% were unable to use the customer service number after pressing the number one button on their phone eight hundred times followed by the last seven digits.

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