The vybrainium.com domain was set to expire today. I was watching to see if the domain would expire. Sure glad I kept my POB and didn't trade it for VYB when the token launched last year. I bought VYB when it was cheap, not as cheap as now, as speculation but really POB is better in my opinion. If I were polite I'd say POB is Hive's BTC and VYB is (was?) Hive's LTC.

Image Source: vybrainium.com

According to the WHOIS data vybrainium.com was registered with namecheap.com. I've used that registrar for my domains ever since GoDaddy supported SOPA back in 2011 and then pretended it didn't later after realizing how unpopular the proposed law was.

Image Source: https://www.whois.com/whois/vybrainium.com

Anyway, vybrainium.com is now at the time of this writing being hosted by the namecheap.com parking nameservers. Whoever registered vybrainium.com should still have the domain listed in their account for thirty days. It's the grace period to reactivate an expired domain registered with Namecheap. Some additional time after the grace period if a redeption fee is paid.

Maybe unlike HYPNO and hypnochain.com VYB and vybrainium.com will be resuscitate in a day or two or thirty. It's that time of year when a zombie sequel would be more likely than not.

Lets remember sometimes dead is better.