Real Life Slot Machine Hacker (Tommy Glen Carmichael)

Obviously trying to cheat casinos is wrong. Maybe the Las Vegas ones are run by corporations now and not the mob but why poke at that bear? "The house always win" though so some might see a little justice in something like card counting. But why count cards when you can hack a slot machine.

I saw this video on the Vince Vintage YouTube channel. It was posted around 8 months ago and currently has almost 3 million views so far.

Tommy Glen Carmichael is an infamous casino cheater. Don't worry he's retired from that now. He started off buying a device that would allow him to cheat at slot machines. Carmichael didn't know it but the device he bought was already a known trick and he was caught shortly after his first attempts at cheating.

Using his knowledge as a repairman after serving his prison sentence he got a slot machine and through trial and error invented a new trick. Of course the casinos found out about Carmichael's new invention eventually so Tommy Carmichael would keep on prototyping and creating new devices to bypass the anti-cheating methods that the slot machine manufactures came up with.

In a way it is just like computer hacking. Tommy Carmichael would find a weak point in the physical slot machine's security and when the vulnerability was discovered and patched Carmichael would just find another exploit.