3D Printing a Racoon Cookie Cutter

Image Source: Personal Photo

I had to do a remix of a Thingiverse model. A little touch up but mostly altering the orientation of the model in the original source .stl file.

Image Source: tinkercad.com

The model that user orjginal posted was oriented so it would print vertically to the print bed.

Image Source: thingiverse.com, user Orjginal

It doesn't make sense to me why the original model was this way since the cookie cutter design can naturally be laid down flat. Printing the racoon cookie cutter flat would also promote better adhesion to the bed's surface as the extruded PLA is layered down.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Normally I would put my models under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA license. Orjginali has the original design under a more restrictive BY-NC 4.0 license. Since the touch ups I made to the design beyond reorientation are de minimis I've mirrored my remix under that license.

Image Source: Personal Photo

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