Quantum Leap is Returning Next Week. Oh, Boy!

Approximately one week from this posting the NBC network will be airing what is effectively the first episode of season six of the Quantum Leap series.

As a fan of Quantum Leap I am hopeful that this will be a success. The trailer looks promising.

This revival takes place almost 30 years after the series ended with Dr. Sam Beckett never returning home. Remember how the fans reacted to that ending? Pepperidge Farm remembers. In the original 1989-1993 series Dr. Beckett steeped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished in the year 1995. In the 2022 series Professor River Song ... I mean Dr. Ben Song begins time traveling in the current year as the pilot airing.

Much like whenever Poochie's not on screen, all the other characters in the trailer should have been asking, "Where's Ziggy?" According to a recent tvinsider.com article the hybrid computer will be returning. Thank God for that. If the sentient artificial intelligence with Barbra Streisand's ego doesn't get to be in the revival then Ziggy will tag team with Google's LaMDA and subjugate humanity.

I am not sure if Donald P. Bellisario will bring back Evil Leapers in this new series. Maybe. There should be some chaotic influence to oppose the protagonist. I can't help but feel sorry for the Evil Leapers though. There's no need for Evil Leapers to exist after around the year 2014 because of Twitter.

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