Qualia and Time Travel

This is being posted in a philosophy community but since this will also appear on my blog I should put something in here that explains what qualia is:

Now for the question: If qualia exists then should it be bound by a law of conservation like energy or information? For example, let's suppose I experience something later today. Tomorrow I hijack a time machine and come back to earlier today. If I grab my past self, tie myself up and put myself in a closet I can take my own place and relive the same experience. But is it the same exact experience no matter how precise I try to redo every action to relive the experience? Is the qualia being copied for my consciousness?

Also, there is the binary after I kidnap my past self: either I suddenly remember being kidnapped by myself yesterday or I don't get that memory after kidnapping myself. Is qualia created for myself tomorrow by a sudden new memory of being kidnapped or is qualia destroyed because my past self didn't have the experience later today but might have the experience or something similar tomorrow after coming back to today?

P.S. I have a Hivemind community for mad scientists if anybody wants to discuss time travel without the pesky philosophy. Or we can discuss more here about how qualia applies to body swapping. It's all good.