Proof of Brain (and Skull) Hologram

The Polaroid® Corporation used to custom manufacture and design holograms under the registered trademark MIRAGE®. Polaroid also used to manufacture a series of hologram stickers sold under the FUTURE VISIONTM trademark. By the end of the 1990s Polaroid seems to have lost interest in the commercial sale of holographic stickers.

I have some examples of those stickers in my private hologram collection. One of those 3D stickers is an anatomical holograph of a human skull and brain from the right-hand side perspective. In the image below you can see a side-by-side of the two prominent channels viewable in the hologram.

skull-brain hologram.jpg
Image Source: Personal Photo

The hologram sticker is still in its original packaging with the $1.99 USD price tag.

Never let it be said that Polaroid didn't try to make their Future Vision 3D stickers an entertaining item. On the front of the package it suggests possible uses for the holographic sticker such as sticking it to a lunch box or notebook. On the reverse side of the package are "other ideas" such as sticking it on a mirror or giving the stickers out as party favors. "Collect and Trade Them". I collected them and was known as "that hologram sticker kid" at the Aahs! gift shop so Polaroid had limited success promoting the stickers.

The back of the packaging also has some basic information about holography and proper lighting for the sticker in two columns of text.

Image Source: Personal Photo

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