Powering Up Two Accounts for July 2021 HPUD

It's another Power Up Day so I powered up 10 HIVE to @holovision. I know that in the spirit of Power Up Day I should technically stop the powering down of the over 5,000 HP I started at the beginning of June. I am converting it to BEE token to start the @memehive meme tribe so it's staying in the same blockchain ecosystem rather than going to an exchange.

Yes, I am rationalizing to justify not stopping the power down. During the next hardfork maybe they'll add a pause button for the powering down Hive Power. I'd do that if it were an option.

Image Source: peakd.com

I also transferred 100 HIVE to @memehive to power up that account for Power Up Day.

Image Source: peakd.com