Powering Up Multiple Accounts for 2022

For the first day of 2022 I powered up more than just my @holovision account. I also powered up 10 HP each to @holovision.play, @holovision.make, and @holovision.stem. I also temporarily delegated 125 HP to my @holovision.cash account.

I am still powering down Hive Power for the next few weeks so I can invest the liquid Hive into other tokens. I need to get more LEO and STEM. By the time the power downs are complete I should still have around 150 HP staked to my @holovision account. Then I'll spend the rest of 2022 working on increasing my staked HP.

Up until now Hive has been a hobby for me. 2022 is the year I am beginning to seriously focus on investing in the Hive blockchain.

Image Source: peakd.com