Powering Up for March 2021

Time for another monthly powering up! It is still the end of February here in California but the hivebuzz.me clock goes by UTC and I want to make sure my participation gets done. I plan to participate in every Hive Power Up day during 2021. Since my reputation score is above 70 I don't qualify for the Power Up Day prize pool but I will get a @hivebuzz badge.

Image Source: peakd.com

My goal by the end of the year is to have 5000 HP for my @holovision account. After some post payouts later today I should be above 4540 HP. Technically I do right now have over 5000 HP when delegations in are counted. During February I was able to negotiate a delegation swap of my staked LEO for HP from @mvl2304. The agreement is set to expire on March 12. Around a week from now I plan to contact @mvl2304 to see if there is any interest on his part in extending our agreement another month as is or maybe renegotiating the delegation swap amount. I hope @mvl2304 has been as satisfied with our agreement as I have been. If @mvl2304 is paying attention to notifications feel free to reply to this post.😁

At the end of February I won a 30 HIVE prize from a contest held by @daltono. Rather than powering that up also I have set the 30 Hive aside to award as a prize in my own contest to promote my Alternate History community.

Here is the breakdown of my status: I currently have almost 4540 HP. I have 101 HP delegated out to @curangel and I have 881 HP delegated in through @mvl2304. I also have 7 HP delegated out to an alternate account I created (@holovision.hypno). I need 460 HIVE staked to my account to reach my end of the year goal. There are roughly 306 days left in the year so I need to average around 1.5 HIVE a day through content creation and curation. As long as I remain active on the platform that should be an easy quota.

Image Source: hivestats.io