Powering Up for April 2021

I am starting April 2021 with a little more than 4700 Hive Power in my @holovision account and that's no joke.

I plan to participate in every Hive Power Up day during 2021 and earlier today I powered up 15 Hive I had set aside during March. My 2021 goal is to have at least 5000 HP by the end of the year and so far it looks like I might achieve that before the middle of the year. After the 5000 HP milestone I might set a higher goal for the end of the year or maybe focus on increasing the value of my hive-engine wallet. I haven't decided yet.

Image Source: peakd.com

Since my HPUD post last month I've also started a new token goal. I've decided to stake an average of at least ten POB (Proof of Brain) tokens each day. The POB token has been around for less than 40 days and I currently at the time of this posting have 1142 POB staked so I am doing well with that goal.

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