Powering Up For 2021

Today I powered up 15 Hive Power to my account for the first Hive Power Up Day of 2021. I've been getting better at remembering to set my post rewards to 100% HP power up so technically I am powering up a little every day.

During last month's Hive Power Up Day my HP was 3,547.230. My current total is now 3,872.354 HP. I have 100 HP of that delegated to @curangel, 3000 HP delegated through dlease.io to @fbslo and a 500 HP delegation that will be expiring in four days.

I'll probably redelegate the majority of my HP to receive daily payouts so I can get more HP faster. @savvyplayer suggested delegating to @leo.voter and I am looking into that as a possibility. If anyone else has suggestions please put them in the comments section.

It's a little ambitious but I think I can reach 5000 HP in my account by the end of 2021. Let's call that the goal for my account during 2021.

I don't qualify for the #HivePUD prize pool anymore since my reputation score is above 70. That's O.K. because I am proud of my reputation score and I only want it to increase higher. Putting aside some Hive from my delegation payouts to power them up on the first of the month is my way of showing my support for the Hive platform.

Image Source: peakd.com