Powering Up (Almost Missed This Month)

I just powered up 10 HIVE today for Power Up Day. I almost went to bed and probably would have completely forgotten about PUD if @print3dpro hadn't reminded me what day it was. I've been so busy it almost slipped my mind.

I know this is what I've been like lately. You're sitting on the couch bored and I am George R. R. Martin telling you that pizzas are on their way. It's been two hours @holovision!


Trust me. Nobody is looking forward to the launch of @memehive's official site more than I am.

In less than 24 hours another 416 HP will be converted to HIVE and I will transfer that to the exchange to convert to BEE. Unless the price of BEE goes wacky high again that will be at least another 300 BEE if not more.

Tuesday more POB powers down and I still have 1000 POB I haven't sold yet at the 0.8 HIVE range but probably can at least around 0.6 HIVE.

I've run the numbers. By the end of this week I should have the 2500 BEE for outpost. The moment I have enough BEE I am going to sign onto tribaldex.com with @memehive and get outpost for @memehive. The memes of the Hive platform will have a home.

It's coming. It's gonna be amazing!