Powering Up For February 2021

Today I powered up a little more than 15 Hive Power to my @holovision account for the February 2021 Hive Power Up Day. Since my reputation score is above 70 I don't qualify for the Power Up Day prize pool but I get another @hivebuzz badge. I've been setting my post rewards to 100% HP power up this year so I am powering up virtually every day but today is special and I want to show my support and gratitude for this platform. I'll have to start doing the 50% rewards for a little while to scrape up 15 Hive for March's Power Up Day but this post will be 100% power up.

Image Source: peakd.com/@holovision/wallet

Currently after powering up today my @holovision account's Hive Power is 4,336.603 HP. I have 100 HP of that delegated to @curangel, I've been using my Resource Credits to claim Account Creation Tokens. I've claimed two tokens so far and I plan to claim at least one more.

I still have a goal to have 5000 HP for my @holovision account by the end of the year. There are still 334 days left in 2021 and I need 663.397 more HP to get to 5000 HP. As long as I average 2 Hive a day in rewards I can make it to my goal. I plan to participate in Power Up Day every month this year so ten more months means I'll have at least 150 more HP. I get around 0.2 HP a day based on what I have staked so that's around 66.8 HP I'll get for staking. Without even much effort just those two factors will put me at 4500 HP by December 31. As long as I am active and creating content like I currently am doing I should be able to reach my Hive Power goal for 2021.