Politics Hivemind Community

This community is for the SteemianPolitics tribe and is open for all content concerning politics. Current event politics, discussions about political science, content about historic political events and individuals. Even politics portrayed in fiction.

Until there are funds for a nitrous official tribe website the politics hivemind community will be the official site for the SteemianPolitics tribe. I think I have the settings for SCOTBOT initialization right where I want them. This post is mostly a combination of announcement and asking for peer review to make sure I haven't made a mistake before I commit and pay the 500 ENG to finalize the settings. If anybody sees an error in the settings please let me know.

SteemianPolitics SCOTBOT Settings:

Choose your token: PAY

The SteemianPolitics tribe token is Payment Token (PAY).

Yeah, not original but nobody else got it first. VOTE was already taken so VOTES would be confusing. Payment Token is neutral for a political token name and it does what the name implies.

Author Curve Exponent: 1

Token Account: steemianpolitics

Promoted Post Account: token.fee

Author Reward Percentage: 45

Beneficiaries Account: token.fee

Beneficiaries Reward Percentage 10

Cashout Window Days: 7

Curation Curve Exponent: 1

I chose to go with simple linear for both the author curve and curation curve and the traditional 7 day for reward payment. The split is 45% author / 45% curation.

10% goes to the @token.fee account I created. This account will help fund expenses such as buying/leasing ENG for staking to cover pools, SP for account, purchasing services such as a votebot, ect. All @token.fee funds are used for maintaining and growing the tribe. Every time tokens are used by @token.fee a post documenting the expense will be made and since it's blockchain anybody can audit @token.fee at any time. 

Downvote Power Consumption 200

Downvote Regeneration Seconds:432000

Traditional 2% downvote power and 5 day voting recharge. Since posts for SteemianPolitics might use tags for other political tribes  such as TalkingPoint or Infowars it's logical to match the voting settings for curation.

Issue Token? True

JSON Metadata App Value:

JSON Metadata Key: tags

JSON Metadata Value: steemianpolitics,hive-179804,politics,government,election,anarchy

A few obvious tags were chosen to try to catch as many relevant posts as possible. I was considering also including "freedom" but from my examination of how that tag was already being used it is usually accompanied by at least one of the other tags and "freedom" might be broad enough as a tag to include too many non-political posts.

Reduction Every N Block: 10512000

Reduction Percentage: 5

Rewards Token: 5

Rewards Token Every N Block: 1

This should create a 5% reduction every year for PAY token reward. 5 tokens generated every block should equate to 144,000 PAY tokens added to the pool daily.

Voter Power Consumption: 200

Vote Regeneration Seconds: 432000

Vote Window Days: -1

Again, this is traditional settings for voting power so this should match with other tribes sharing the same post.