Paranormal Christmas

The video below is from the Bedtime Stories YouTube channel. The channel name is a little different from what one might expect before watching their content; often it is disconcerting and rather than a "happily ever after" the featured stories are left with unresolved endings.

Maybe a man named Oliver Lerch disappeared on Christmas eve 1890 under inexplicable circumstances. It's possible. Maybe it is a version of "Charles Ashmore's Trail" by Ambrose Bierce someone presented as a true account. Ambrose Bierce himself coincidentally disappeared in late 1913 leaving behind a mystery as to what happened to him.

The stories of Santa Claus and his abilities almost make Santa seem to be like a kind of ghost. Santa Claus is based on the historic figure Saint Nicholas who has had many miracles attributed to him. Miracles can often fall within the realm of the paranormal. If one believes in the concept of a "Tulpa" then maybe millions of minds focusing within the time window of a holiday on the concept of Santa Claus can make Santa real in some sense.