Is it possible to trace the owners of a BTC account through the address of their wallet?

It's possible depending on how bitcoins move in and out of a wallet.

For example, the genesis bitcoin block presumably belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoins creator. However, since no bitcoins are moved out there's no trail to really follow. People do send donations to the address but that really doesn't say anything about the address owner.

If someone posts their bitcoin address on a forum that's generally easier. Most people don't put false bitcoin addresses on forums saying they own the address. If the address owner uses an alternate bitcoin address but often sends bitcoins to their forum bitcoin address then bitcoin tracking forensic software can usually deduce that is occurring.

If bitcoins are moving in and out of an address often a trail to follow can form. If transactions from different addresses are coming in, presumably that bitcoin address is somewhere for people to find. It might be on the deep web and not indexed by search engines or on a QR code somewhere but someone is putting that kind of bitcoin address out to get incoming transactions. If some of those addresses sending bitcoins also does on-line shopping using bitcoin those people might be tracked down to work backward and find the bitcoin address source.

If bitcoins are going out of the address those transactions might also be tracked based on analyzing the addresses the bitcoins go to.