What would you do if you got 1000 steem power?

Honestly I would leverage it. I would go to a site like minnowbooster.net and break the 1000 SP into smaller units. On the first day I would look at the list of SP lease requests and fill the lowest asking order. Lets say 13 SP for 20 weeks at 18.5% NETT APR. Then the next day I again go to the site and the lowest asking lease is 25 SP for 16 weeks at 11% NETT APR. Each day I fill a small lease order for X amount of weeks for Y% NETT APR. Most likely the total will be less than 1000 SP when I am done but that's fine. I can lease it later and use the remainder for upvoting what I like in the meantime.

As the lease is active I would get a small payment each day. On the second day I fill a lease request I am already getting a small payment from the first day. On the third day when I fill a lease request I would get two small payments for the loans already active. So on and so forth. Eventually those small payments add up so I have even more STEEM that can be powered up and leased.

After about two or three years of filling lease requests and reinvesting payments into more SP I should have at least one lease expiring every other day just as I am filling a new lease request which means I can make larger SP lease requests which generally get repaid faster. The faster the lease gets repaid the sooner I can reinvest. Over time the passive income average would get larger and larger.