What are your favourite altcoins?

Disclaimer: I own at least a little bit of every coin mentioned. Do your own research when investing.

1. Ethereum - I expect it to be back around $1000 USD within two years.

2. Steem - After hardfork 20 it will be easier for accounts to be created so I expect a slight increase in the price around October.

3. Gridcoin - Having enough in a wallet to stake once every few days will make it worth waiting for the price to go back to 0.00001 BTC.

4. Namecoin - I'd buy some right now and sell later when it increases to around 0.00018 BTC. I wouldn't consider this a long-term investment altcoin because soon the ethereum ENS permanent registrar will be set up and the .bit domain won't mean as much anymore.

5. Clam - I think Clam will at least double in price during the next bitcoin bull run and can be staked until that time.

6. bitcoin Cash - It seems to be at near its low point now so it might be worth investing a small amount in.

7. Ethereum Classic - It also seems to be at its low point so I'd buy some now to sell off later.

8. Doge - It seems high right now but it may go back up to 100 satoshi each. It is relatively cheap and can easily be exchanged on shapeshift.io for other altcoins.

9. Litecoin - Also seems like its at a low point ready to go back up soon.

10. Teslacoin - I just love the philosophy behind the coin.

Honorable mention: Distributed Compute Credit token. This is the longest term investment I believe out of all the others on this list. Keep an eye on it.