I Now Have Over 1000 LEO Staked

Today I made one more large investment. Almost three weeks ago I bought roughly 350 LEO when the price was around 1.4 HIVE each. Since then the price of LEO has continued to drop. I think in the long term 1.4 HIVE each was still a bargain. Therefore I bought enough LEO today at around 0.9 HIVE each to give me a total of more than 1000 staked LEO.

Image Source: hive-engine.com

In order to buy all that LEO today I had to sell over 200,000 AFIT tokens and 5 AFITX miners. I also had to use up most of the HIVE I had in reserve for the rest of the 2021 Power Up Days. It was worth it though to have more than 1000 LEO staked to my @holovision account.

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