My Token Investments 1/19/2020

Time once again for me to guess tokens that might be more valuable sometime in the future. After all, you're human and I look human and us clearly humans can discuss hypothetical things such as future markets and what Earth's response to a hostile alien takeover might be and how Earth's defenses could be debilitated. It's all just harmless speculation that you shouldn't worry about.


CO2 Compensation Coin seems to be a "carbon offset credit" for the steem blockchain. I already had some so I bought enough to make my wallet's total 500 COCO tokens. I didn't buy these "to save the world" because when my planet's colony ships finally arrive we will greenhouse gases are only one of several threats that face humanity's future. By HODLING these tokens, according to the token's description on, I am making "...a valuable contribution as it gives COCO an increasing value in this way..".

You're welcome.


I hardly have any tokens from the Intrepreneur tribe and right now the token is below 0.01 STEEM each. There is a max supply of only ten million INT and almost half are in circulation already. I am going to keep my eye on this token and I may buy some more in the near future.