My Token Investments 1/13/2020

Currently I have some passive STEEM income payments every so often from holding EPC so I am going to start investing some of it into other steem-engine tokens.

Since I am starting off I'll focus today on buying a few tokens that may never have much value. Maybe these "bargain basement" tokens will surprise everyone one day but more likely not and I am going to get them just so I can HODL them in either case.


According to the token's description the website profits will be used to rebuy CAPTCHA tokens for burning. Fair enough and being legally blind solving CAPTCHAs tends to be more effort than it's worth for me. There's got to be some karma for buying these tokens.

The current asking price is 0.00005 STEEM and 26.0 are available so I'll buy all 26.


The token's description refers to it as "..Mostly a test/fun token.." and who doesn't want to invest in the future? This token's max supply is 121 million. The current asking price is 0.00041 STEEM. I already have 100 FUTURE so I'll buy another 900 to make an even thousand in my portfolio.


Meep meep meep meep meep meep. Meep meep meep meep meep. Meep meep meep meep. Meep meep meep "meep" meep meep meep. Meep meep? Meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep. Meep! Meep!


I know almost nothing about this token. There's a max supply of 1 billion and there's no token description. The token was issued by @ran.koree who has a reputation number of 66 and more followers than I will probably ever have. The asking price is currently 0.011 STEEM so I'll get 100 and chalk it up to investing in a fellow Steemian.