My Star Trek "Holodeck Reactor" Scenario

Recently the Lore Reloaded YouTube channel posted his version of a "Pitch Meeting". "Pitch Meeting" is a regular feature on the Screen Rant channel in which a screenplay writer pitches a movie to a producer. The premise is for a well-known movie but it is pitched in a mocking way.

That inspired me to create my own "Pitch Meeting"-ish scenario based on my Star Trek headcanon.

Remember the first season *Star Trek: Voyager* episode "Parallax" when Ensign Harry Kim said the holodeck reactor wasn't compatible with other Voyager ship systems? This is how that happened:

Engineer: Sir, I thought we agreed yesterday that the USS Voyager's plans were finalized but I just got this memo to swap out the holodeck reactor.

Admiral: Yeah, we're going to be using a totally different holodeck reactor. One created by a species we literally just discovered this morning.

Engineer: But why do we even need to use a different holodeck reactor? We can replicate as many of our own as we want.

Admiral: There's an old eWaste recycling law that's been on the books since 2020 that we've never repealed since replicators were invented.

Engineer: Sir, our Star Fleet holodeck reactors are based on standards that make them compatible with other systems on the ship. Voyager is launching in less than a week and there's not enough time to retrofit....

Admiral: Don't worry. The Ferengi who negotiated the deal verified the alien holodeck reactor works. The reactor will be its own power source independent from other ship equipment.

Engineer: Sir, we have technical standards. This new alien holodeck energy matrix isn't compatible. Using a second-hand...

Admiral: Refurbished!

Engineer: Sheesh! Fine! Whatever! Using a refurbished holodeck reactor leaves the holodeck needlessly operating when the holodeck's power could be diverted to better uses in an emergency such as replicators. If someone tried to connect the holodeck reactor to the ship's power grid for additional power without checking to see if it used Star Fleet standards half the relays on the ship would probably be blown.

Admiral: What kind of idiot engineer would just hook up a holodeck reactor to a power grid without checking to make sure it's compatible? That would never happen! Anyway, it's a priority that the holodecks remain active during all emergencies.

Engineer: Sir, I think when it comes to powering a holodeck or any other ship system the holodeck falls by the wayside.

Admiral: Look, during a ship emergency any children aboard Voyager can either seek refuge on the holodeck or listen to the captain sing "Frère Jacques" until they are calm or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Which do you want for those children?

(Brief Pause)

Engineer: Incompatible holodeck reactor it will be!