My (Really) Old YouTube Account.

It's been awhile since I last signed into my old YouTube channel ( Here is what it looks like now.

Image Source: YouTube

There were a few more videos but I deleted a few and made a few other videos private. The last video I posted before now was back in 2011 and that's gone now.

I obviously never put a lot of effort into my YouTube channel. To be honest the main barrier to posting original content was that I don't like the way my voice sounds. I had text-to-speech software back then but it was robotic sounding which wasn't much better.

Now that I have access to more natural sounding TTS thanks to artificial intelligence I'll probably start posting to YouTube again. And 3Speak. Maybe some other decentralized video sharing sites as well.

I have a project I'll be working on but I'll need to create a separate YouTube channel for that. For my original YouTube channel I think what I'll do is start converting some of my posts from Hive to faceless videos and promote my @holovision account on YouTube.

Before I do that of course I need to make the channel look a little better with a profile picture and banner. Then I need to get verification from HiveWatchers by making a short temporary video post and filling out the form so HiveWatchers is aware that I do in fact have ownership over the YouTube channel.