My November 2021 HPUD

Right now I have 551 HP. 408 of that HP is not delegated to anyone. I just looked and I've been delegating to @curangel since November 01, 2020. Today makes that one whole year.

I powered up 10 HP for November's Hive Power Up Day. I plan to power up another 10 HP in December. However, after this Power Up Day ends I am going to start powering down my undelegated 408 HP. I am going to invest more in the Proof of Brain token.

It's kind of like an I.O.U. to myself. I believe POB will be worth more in the future. I can sell the POB later to get more Hive Power if and when I need it.

On paper I've done the math and theoretically I could reach 50,000 staked POB by the 2025 POB halving if I focus on that goal. I am gambling that POB will be worth at least 1.0 HIVE each in 2025. If that happens and I have 50,000 POB that could be all sold off for one hundred times the HIVE I currently have staked in a little over three years.

If POB is worth more than 1.0 HIVE in 2025 I could just keep it all staked. Who needs 50,000 HP if I have 50,000 POB worth 20 HIVE each? Maybe that's just a dream but with the current 2021 value of POB right now I'd be happy using 50K POB to upvote a drawing by @teesart, @gloriaolar, or any of the other artists whom regularly use the Proof of Brain tags in their posts. At that staked POB level I'd really feel like I was a patron of the arts.

Of course I won't completely drain my @holovision wallet of Hive Power. That year old delegation to @curangel will remain untouched. I also need some Hive Power to curate content on

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