My Next Goal is 2000 HIVE POWER by 2022

Yesterday I posted that for the first time on the Hive platform I have reached 1000 HP. My next goal is to have 2000 HP by January 01, 2022. According to the website that is 485 days away. Since I have at the moment a little over 1003 HP I need to average a little more than 2 HP every day. That's about twice what I am currently making by actively posting.

Starting at the end of this month I will make the final power down of my 121 Steem Power from that other platform. That should be worth around 100 Hive after exchange fees if the sell price remains relatively the same.

The selling off of Steem plus actively posting every day between now and December 31, 2021 should get me more than half way to reaching the 2000 HP goal.

Another source in helping me to reach my goal is NFTShowroom. I've been whitelisted so I can sell art I create there for SWAP.HIVE that I can withdraw and convert to HP. There's a little risk there because tokenizing art costs Hive which I could be using toward boosting my HP. Ideally I'd create quality art at a reasonable price that others would want to buy. However, "quality" and "reasonable price" are both largely subjective. Also there are lots of talented artists already selling on NFTShowroom. There's no guarantee I would be able to sell my art for a profit. I'll give it a try though soon.

If all else fails there is my Hive Engine token collection. My AFIT and STEM tokens alone are worth easily at least 300 HIVE. I don't want to sell any of my tokens right now but it's an option that is available.