My Ideal Doctor Who Villain (Other Than Myself)

Some villlains in Doctor Who are a given. There will always be Daleks and Cybermen. The occasional Sontaran or Weeping Angel will also be there. The universe of Doctor Who is virtually infinite though so new villains can always start showing up to threaten Earth.

Since we are most likely months away from finally getting to see series 11 of Doctor Who with the newly-regenerated thirteenth Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) right now basically any speculation is fair game since official details are few and far between. What I would like to do in this post is propose an idea for what I think would be the perfect villain to go against the thirteenth Doctor and how I imagine such a villain could be introduced and work. The villain I would like to see introduced into Doctor Who canon already exists as urban legend and internet mythology. All a BBC scriptwriter would have to do is take the information from the Wikipedia entry for the villain I am proposing and rework it until it is their own version of the urban legend.

Ladies and gentlemen I believe the most perfect villain to go up against the thirteenth Doctor would be the black-eyed kids (BEKs).

In my mind it doesn't matter if the BEKs would be extraterrestrial or preternatural. It would probably be best to leave their origins uncertain. The potential horror of children that at first seem innocent has been done well before in science fiction. The short story "Zero Hour" by Ray Bradbury is one of many examples.

If done correctly I believe this would fit smoothly into Doctor Who lore. For the first time in Doctor Who television the Doctor has canonically incarnated as a Time Lady. The black-eyed kids would represent a polar opposite to the Doctor's new maternal archetype as protector of Earth.

But how would this work out as part of a timeline of rogues' gallery enemies of the Doctor? Why would the black-eyed kids suddenly appear and become a threat to humanity when they've never been seen before? It wouldn't seem genuine to just make humanoid children an enemy just because we now have a Time Lady flying the TARDIS.

But how are we so sure the black-eyed kids haven't always been there in the background plotting against humanity? We already have the Silence as a precedent that this is possible. The Silence was a pervasive influence across human history not known to the Doctor to even exist until the episode "The Impossible Astronaut". The way I imagine this working is that throughout history the Silence has been keeping the black-eyed kids at bay because their competing agendas often conflicted. Once the Doctor tricked the Silence into ordering their own extermination in 1969 the force holding back the advancement of the black-eyed kids was removed and the black-eyed kids filled the vacuum left by the Silence. Their strength in number has been increasing during the last few decades and it's just now during the era of the thirteenth Doctor that the black-eyed kids are ready to make their move against mankind.

This is how I imagine the black-eyed kids could be introduced for the first time in an episode:

The camera view is along the floor. As the camera slowly pans upward the viewer is allowed to assume based on the sounds and shadows being cast that it is the Doctor working the TARDIS controls. Slowly it is revealed what the viewer is actually seeing is a woman decorating a piece of living room furniture and the sounds were a science fiction show coming from a nearby TV. Through a nearby window the viewer can see it is night and very dark outside. Suddenly there is a knocking at the front door while the TV suddenly shuts off and the ceiling lights flicker. The woman answers the door to find two children with their heads bowed down. After a few hellos with no response the woman becomes concerned and asks the kids if everything is alright. The children look up at her and the woman sees their nonhuman large black eyes and their disturbingly large grins. "Is it feeding time?," the children ask in unison. The woman screams and slams the door shut. The black-eyed kids at the front door start repeatedly ringing the doorbell as their voices are heard asking the question over and over again. At the nearby window two more kids with large black eyes and grins appear. They start knocking on the window while playfully singing, "Is it ffeeedddiinnggg tttiiiiimmmmeeeee?....". The woman stands frozen in fear. Cue intro credits.

This is something I want to happen in series 11 if not series 12. Any decent writer could pull it off and create the greatest foe to the Doctor since the Weeping Angels. If the BBC doesn't think of this I guess I'll just have to write the fan fiction to show the great idea the BBC isn't utilizing. Yeah, a fan fiction story of the Doctor cracking jokes about internet ASMR videos while fighting off demonic children with some weird eye disorder. No way steemians would start downvoting that fan fic into the ground.

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