My First Week on Blurt

It's been a little more than a week for me being on Blurt. I meant to write and post this a few days ago, but some things came up. I haven't been as active in the last few days, so I guess those days shouldn't count anyway.

So far, I have 17 followers, so thank you to everyone following my @holovision Blurt account. I've been doing well with getting upvotes for my posts. Because I am new to the Blurt platform, I don't think my Blurt 3D logo post got as much visibility as it would have if I had had an older account with more followers. I would spend some Blurt to promote my 3D logo post, but I can't see any way to promote Blurt posts like on Hive. Maybe I should have waited a while before jumping into that 3D logo project, but then again, as the saying goes, "Publish or perish."

What I currently like about Blurt is that it's more similar to Hive than Steemit. I started off on Steemit back in May of 2018. After Hive forked from Steemit in 2020, I took my activity over to that platform because of the Justin Sun shenanigans. I was blogging long before 2018, but earning cryptocurrency and having control over my own content really helped motivate me to blog more actively.

I am just now getting active on Blurt. I can see when Blurt forked from Steemit, my content wasn't copied over, but my Steemit tokens and SP at the time were converted to Blurt, so I am not exactly starting off at zero. I have years of my past content on Hive. Some of my posts are better than others, and since none of my past Hive and Steemit content was copied over during the Blurt fork, I have a fresh Blurt account to mirror the better posts to. This gives me a chance to see if I've learned what did and didn't work during my years blogging on Hive and Steemit and apply it to Blurt.

The main difference between Hive and Blurt I need to get used to is virtually every Blurt transaction having a fee. Hive has a few transactions on the first layer that come with a nominal fee. More often, though, on Hive, transactions use Resource Credits which are renewable. I hope as the value of Blurt increases, the fees don't also, or I think that would discourage some new users on the Blurt platform.

On the other hand, I guess spending a fraction of a Blurt token to comment on a post is like sending a card through the mail. Some prefer a handwritten message with a stamp than an email. I have enough staked tokens in my @holovision Hive account so that my RC for a comment to a post is almost immediately regenerated. Making a comment to a Blurt post actually costs me something, making that transaction more significant.

Anyway, those are my current thoughts and opinions about Hive vs. Blurt fees in case anyone cared.

Now that I've acclimated myself to Blurt, I will start occasionally mirroring some of my Hive content here.