My First Day on Blurt

Note: This content was also posted on my Blurt account.

It's been a day since I first posted on Blurt. No followers yet but I've started following the helpful users that upvoted and/or replied to my introductory post. Thank you @yateghteghs and @alejos7ven for the feedback.

I've loaded up 100 liquid BLURT to my wallet today. I've been trying to find an upvote calculator for Blurt but either I can't find it on-line or it doesn't exist (yet). I've found some other Blurt DApps though.

I am still familiarizing myself with the Blurt tags. I've found some tutorials like this one by @tomoyan but the tutorials are two or three years old and seem outdated. A few tags like #blurtcomics seem like they aren't popular or have become virtually defunct. If anybody knows of a more recent tutorial for updated tags and their use posted please let me know.

I've seen the @blurtofficial post about adding a communities feature soon. That looks interesting.

That's all I have for now. So far so good.