My Top Five Favorite Videos About 2020 From 2020

It's near the end of the year and 2020 was a thing that happened. I guess the best thing to do since I have to make an obligatory end of the year list is to post my favorite videos about this year that were posted this year. I've curated all these videos from YouTube. I'll go from number five ascending to my favorite.

5.) "Natalie Ruined 2020"

From the JK! Studios (composed mostly of talent that left Studio C) comes this video. When so many people dislike something such as the year in general a scapegoat is needed.

4.) "Caillou the Grownup - Caillou in Quarantine"

I almost posted this as #5 but sometimes something is made a little better by just being extremely bad. No new videos have been posted on the AOK YouTube channel since late June so it's not clear if there will be a continuation in this video's story. Maybe when Caillou goes to the hospital he'll die on the operating table. That's my fan fiction.

3.) "Time Traveler Discovers Social Distancing - The Future is Dumb"

Several great videos by Ryan George could have tied for this list position so I took one of his earliest videos posted during 2020 shortly after the current pandemic started. I also like his comedic "The Future is Dumb" sketch series about the time traveling reporter from 1995.

2.) "Dumpster Fire Part 2 - This Year's Still a Dumpster Fire (Parody of 'We Didn't Start the Fire')"

Obviously there is a part 1 "original version" of this video that was posted earlier this year on the madreindeer YouTube channel. Eat your heart out Billy Joel!

1.) "We Live in the Dumbest Timeline"

Ryan George is on the list again. What can I say? I like the concept. My favorite part:

"O.K. I have a question. Is being dumb the same thing as being evil in this timeline?"
"Well, kind of unclear but they seem to kind of unknowingly go hand in hand a lot."