My DTube Lab Rat is Named redtheking

I am new to Steemit and its various services. So far I am experimenting and learning new things.

For example, one unvote on a DTube video can make a video invisible on its channel. That's a pretty powerful weapon. Not as powerful as when someone doesn't like what is said on a YouTube video and files a false DMCA notice. Still powerful though.

A few hours ago I posted a test video on my brand new DTube channel. There are a few videos I liked. For example, I found one by vapeshady expressing his problems with YouTube and I could totally relate to what he was saying. I upvoted his video and subscribed to him.

Then I came across a few other videos posted by redtheking. I don't know if anybody reading this is old enough to remember the TV show Pinwheel but that is how I'd describe the quality of the videos. Childish songs done to cheap animation. Assuming redtheking didn't just rip the videos off a DVD purchased at the Dollar Store the videos really didn't add much to the music accompanying it so I unvoted them. I did subscribe to redtheking though because of the nostalgia of Pinwheel.

From what I can deduce in my DTube Activities section; in retaliation redtheking unvoted my video so it was no longer visible on my channel. I guess that's fair enough if redtheking unvoted my video and made it invisible on my DTube page because I made two of his mediocre videos invisible on his page. Since I am new I was unaware my one unvote would do that. Now that I know that I have absolutely no doubts that I made the right decision in my unvotes.

This unvote by redtheking presented an opportunity to see if I could repost the same video again. Apparently I can.

It's fun to experiment and learn new things. It's also fun to see what others create. Maybe the next video redtheking will post is a bald eagle dancing to the Star-Spangled Banner. As a patriotic American I would absolutely upvote that.