My Doctor Who Fan Advice

It is pretty exciting. Very soon the BBC will be broadcasting a new series of Doctor Who episodes. For the very first time in TV Doctor Who canon the Doctor (Jodie whittaker) will be a Time Lady rather than a Time Lord.

This means new fans will be watching Doctor Who for the first time. Some people in anticipation already want to know about Doctor Who so they are going to websites, forums and YouTube to discover what Doctor Who is all about. Some long-time fans are giving the advice that...Sigh....

If you are new to Doctor Who and an established fan tells you the first episode you should watch is "Blink"; please, please do not take that advice. The fan is not trying to deceive you and has the best of intentions. A fan recommending "Blink" is like someone saying their girlfriend is the most beautiful woman in the world. They may sincerely believe it but it also demonstrates a lack of an objective opinion. "Blink" is an episode loved by fans and works well as a standalone episode but it doesn't represent a typical Doctor Who episode. If "Blink" is a proper Doctor Who episode to introduce new fans to the series then you might as well introduce someone to the classic Doctor Who era by first showing them the episode "Mission to the Unknown".

If you want to begin with the modern Doctor Who era my advice is to start with the episode "Rose" or "The Eleventh Hour". 

When the Doctor (David Tennant) says "don't blink" it has a double meaning. First, don't blink or the Weeping Angels will get you. The second meaning of "don't blink" is don't show "Blink" as a first introductory episode to new fans.

Why is that so hard for some fans to understand?

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