My Accidental LPUD

Yesterday was the June 2023 LEO Power Up Day (LPUD). On my alternate account I meant to stake 180 LEO to What ended up happening was I staked 180 LEO from my account to my main @holovision account according to the transaction.


I guess what happened is that I was using Hive Keychain for @holovision and then I switched over to using but didn't sign out properly or refresh.

It wasn't a huge problem. I was able to muster up another 155 LEO to stake to for the June 2023 LPUD. I didn't get a badge for accidentally staking 180 LEO to @holovision though. I've started unstaking the 180 LEO to bring my @holovision LEO balance back down to an even 10,000 LEO. I'll put the unstaked LEO toward next month's's LPUD stake.