(My 1st Steembay Auction) Selling Blockchain Asset/ENS Address secondcoming.eth Starting at 66.6 SBD

I've decided to start experimenting with Steembay after reading about it. Since this is an auction based on blockchain technology I would like to begin by selling something that exists on a blockchain that is unique. Today, I am offering the ethereum ENS address secondcoming.eth at a starting price of 66.6 SBD.

Photo Source: etherscan.io

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open and extensible naming system based on the ethereum blockchain. It allows human readable addresses such as secondcoming.eth to be resolved to a longer traditional ethereum address of a hexadecimal format.

For more information about ENS I recommend reading the steemit post @cryptofacto wrote link here.

The Second Coming is when Jesus Christ is predicted to return to earth to fulfill the prophecies made about him thousands of years ago. One prediction I think I can safely make is that based on how quickly blockchain technology is progressing when the Second Coming happens Jesus Christ will find a world where nobody will be able to buy or sell without some kind of secure address on the blockchain. When that happens you'll want an address that shows Christ you've accepted the hopes, dreams and wishes of one of the world's largest religions.

The ethereum ENS address secondcoming.eth has 0.01 ETH locked into the address. 0.01 ETH may not be as much as thirty pieces of Roman silver but at current values that's just about $5 in today's rate plus the value that there is only one secondcoming.eth address which can't be copied thanks to blockchain technology.

Anybody who chooses to buy secondcoming.eth can do more than resolving secondcoming.eth to their personal ethereum address. The owner could also choose to create subdomains of this ENS address. This could be useful if many churches each want an address to send funds to or from. Subdomains can also be created for personal use. Some examples of subdomains for personal use are but are not limited to:

  • antichrist.secondcoming.eth
  • thewalkingdead.secondcoming.eth
  • youaregoingtohellholovision.secondcoming.eth

Please also consider the potential future uses of secondcoming.eth. As blockchain technology progresses the internet of things/internet of everything (IoT/IoE) might allow medical sensors such as pulse rate monitors implanted in the right hand or a subcutaneous implant in the forehead to monitor neural activity. This medical information might be broadcasted along the blockchain using tokenization. By buying secondcoming.eth you aren't just investing in a human readable ethereum name; you are also potentially getting in on the ground floor of technology that blends human flesh and technology.

Auction Details

I am using @steembay to run this auction. There is a full @steembay tutorial that can be read using this link.

Name of item: secondcoming.eth

Quantity: 1

Type: Blockchain asset/ENS ethereum address

Staring bid: 66.6 SBD

Buy Now price: 666 SBD

How To Place Your Bid

  1. Reply directly to this post with "bid x". Example bid reply: bid 68.0
  2. Wait for the bot to log your bid. You will get a reply if you are overbid.

Bids will be accepted until the end of this auction. According to the Steembay bot reply below that is  2018-06-20 05:36:06 UTC.

I will transfer secondcoming.eth to the highest bidder after payment has been received and the highest bidder provides an ethereum address to transfer secondcoming.eth to them. The highest bidder must make sure it is an address they control because resolving the ENS address requires control over the address (e.g. DO NOT ask me to send it to an exchange address!).

If somebody bids the 'Buy Now' price of 666.0 SBD; after dancing with joy I will end the auction after seeing the bid has been posted and the auction for this item will be over. After the payment is received secondcoming.eth will be transferred to the ethereum address the highest bidder provides.

Well, that should do it. Let's start the auction. I have faith this will turn out well.