Modding my 3D Printer: Upgrading to a Magnetic Build Plate

Image Source: Personal Photo

It turns out that one of the problems I've been having with my 3D printer is that air bubbles had started appearing under the build plate's surface. I tried pressing them out but one stubborn bubble in the middle of the plate persisted.

Cheap sample filament with the 3D printer. I guess cheap build plate also. The Tronxy XY-2 Pro comes with a 255 mm x 255 mm build plate that is held on to the printer with binder clips. That's not a joke. I've been clipping the build plate to my printer like it was a folder.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Rather than buy another build plate from Tronxy I upgraded to a magnetic build plate. No, magnetic build plates don't make you healthier. Neither does wearing magnet bracelets. That's not how magnets work you silly alternative medicine freaks.

The description for the YouTube video below has a link for a magnetic steel plate and PEI sticker. Since I was already going to order some desiccant packets through for storing my PLA filament I ordered virtually the same item made by FYSETC.

The great thing is now with PEI my models should adhere while being printed to the build plate without using painter's tape and glue sticks. Instead I now have to keep the surface clean with dish soap water and isopropyl alcohol,


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