When Days of Our Lives Had Mind Control Satellites

In yesterday's post as suggestions for resources that fellow users of the @hypnochain community can use when brainstorming ideas for content I mentioned sites on the internet and watching soap operas. Maybe you thought that soap opera suggestion was just some sarcastic humor and I take responsibility for that because of the way the suggestion was worded.

However, soap operas really are a possible gold mine for users to tap into for hypnosis and mind control. Not just because of its relevance but also because soap operas are often just plain crazy which makes it more interesting than it otherwise should be. Below is a video from the watchmojo.com YouTube channel titled "Top 10 Most Ridiculous Soap Opera Plotlines". Skip ahead to around the 12:00 point.

Narrator #1:
This show [Days of Our Lives] about several separate families in the town of Salem has had some ridiculous stories over the years such as when Stefano was able to brainwash Hope through a mind control satellite.

Narrator #2:
Bo and Hope - the perfect couple...until Stefano brainwashed Hope into thinking she was a woman named Gina. Yeah, we said "brainwash".

Just take a moment and let that sink in before we continue. I'll try my best to explain this. I'll answer questions in the comments section of course but this gets insanely convoluted. I am a generalist in evil genius and mad scientist media. If you want to explore this further it's probably better to find a forum with users that specialize in Days of Our Lives. They'd probably be more than happy to pontificate for hours.

O.K. So the first thing to understand is that there are two "Princess Gina von Amberg" (Kristian Alfonso). The "real" Princess Gina is an actual princess who turned to a life of crime engaging in art theft and forgery after her husband prince Philip Von Amberg died. Serves him right for being a minor soap opera character in a backstory. The "fake" Princess Gina is Hope Brady who is mind controlled into taking the place of the "real" Princess Gina which works since Princess Gina is Hope Brady's doppelganger and Hope Brady is presumed to be dead by almost everyone due to an explosion which occurred in 1990.

The man who mind controlled Hope into being Gina was a wealthy villain named Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) who in Days of Our Lives has a remarkable talent for not staying dead. Stefano DiMera is also an equal opportunity brainwashing villain. He had another mind controlled zombie named John Black (Drake Hogestyn) that Stefano teamed up with "real" Gina. I think at that time John hadn't been brainwashed yet but don't quote me on that. Due to soap opera law #17 Gina had no choice but to fall in love with John Black.

Much like the Days of Our Lives audience Stefano basically got bored with John Black and reprogrammed him to go do busy work that didn't involve Gina. Gina was convinced John was dead for reasons and refused to steal or forge any more artistic masterpieces for Stefano.

Due to reasons rather than doing what Stefano obviously enjoys as a hobby and brainwashing "real" Gina Stefano held "real" Gina against her will in her own residence somewhere outside Paris. Why should Bowser have all the fun imprisoning a princess in a castle, right?

Now that "real" Gina is in a makeshift prison Stefano had a problem. This isn't like going to Oregon and kidnapping an employee from the last Blockbuster still in business. Sooner or later someone was going to notice that a princess was missing. Since Stefano is wealthy like Elon Musk he has access to all sorts of resources to fix those kinds of problems. Unlike Musk who sent a Tesla car into space Stefano happened to have some mind control satellites floating in orbit that were just going to waste. He also had a few mind control microchips that those satellites work with just lying around. Mind control satellites, mind control microchips and a girl named Hope who looks just like the princess who is mysteriously gone makes a daytime television turducken fit for Oprah Winfrey.

That's the basic rundown of the mind control satellites being a thing that existed in Days of Our Lives. There is a little more wacky adventure with Hope/Gina and Stefano's miraculous microchips that I might do another post about later. If you want spoilers you can read the Days of Our Lives fandom entry for Hope Brady. For now I am ready to move on to another post for more HYPNO. Maybe something about the Kim Possible moodulator.